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EXPORT COMPLIANCE NOTICE: TCR Composites manufactures materials subject to U.S. export controls of the Export Administration Regulations (EAR) under the U.S. Bureau of Industry and Security. Transfers or Re-Exports of these materials, outside the U.S., are subject to the EAR requirements. Please contact our Export Compliance Manager for assistance prior to any transfer or re-export.


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Our History:

TCR Composites was established in 1995 by Thiokol Corporation (ATK) to develop prepregs with long out-life to solve the challenges with building large rocket motor cases.

Since the 1960s when the Minuteman Third Stage was in production, to the Space Shuttle Filament Wound Case, the Peacekeeper/SICBN and the Rotary Launch Tube for B1 Bombers in the 1980s, and in to the 1990s, when developing payload assist rocket motors for commercial satellites, the out-life of composite materials has been a challenge…that is, until TCR Composites developed the first epoxy thermoset resin prepregs with an out-life of one year at ambient temperatures!

In 2007, TCR Composites became privately owned and development has continued steadily for new resin systems that are being used in a wide variety of applications across the commercial and aerospace industries. Prepregs can successfully be shipped and stored without the use of refrigeration, thanks to TCR Composites.

Our Team:

TCR Composites has over 70 team members working to deliver the best prepreg solutions to the industry. There are 11 departments at TCR including: Chemistry, Resin R&D, Resin Mixing Lab, Prepreg Production, Quality Inspection, Mechanical Testing Lab, Engineering, Logistics, Sales/Marketing, Procurement and Administrative. We all have the same goals: To deliver highest quality prepreg materials and support to our customers.



Marketing & Technical Sales Team


Craig Schiffman

Director, Marketing & Sales

Chad Oliver

Manager, Marketing & Sales

Abby Briseno

Inside & Sales

Brian Bishop

Business Development Manager & Sales