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TCR High-Preformance Prepreg Braided Sleeves

We use an epoxy resin resin that we specifically designed for braided sleeve reinforcements made of carbon, fiberglass, aramid or any combination of fibers. All prepreg braided sleeves are shippable and storable at room-temperature, so refrigeration is not required. The out-life of our patented braided sleeve prepregs is 12 months at ambient (room) temperature.

Braided sleeves are a system in which yarns are intertwined - no two yarns are twisted around on another. Braided sleeves are also defined as a family of fabrics continually woven on the bias. Tubular sleeves are the most common type of braid, but other forms include braided fabric, non-woven, unidirectional and tapes. TCR™ Prepreg Braided Sleeves are used in a wide variety of applications including aerospace, medical, recreational and industrial parts.

Prepreg Braided Sleeves Styles:

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