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EXPORT COMPLIANCE NOTICE: TCR Composites manufactures materials subject to U.S. export controls of the Export Administration Regulations (EAR) under the U.S. Bureau of Industry and Security. Transfers or Re-Exports of these materials, outside the U.S., are subject to the EAR requirements. Please contact our Export Compliance Manager for assistance prior to any transfer or re-export.


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TCR High-Preformance Prepreg Fabrics

Storable at room-temperature, TCR™ prepreg fabrics are available in many styles, weights and widths.   Commonly used fabrics are often stocked on–site at TCR Composites while any other fabrics, including specialty items, are obtained from suppliers worldwide.  With the long out life of TCR™ resins, the prepreg fabrics can be stored, used and processed without a shortage of time.

Fabrics, also referred to as “broadgoods”, are used in a wide variety of markets including wind energy, industrial, infrastructure, aerospace, medical and recreation. The broadgood forms available as prepreg from TCR Composites include: Biaxial, Triaxial, Stitched, Uni-Woven, Non-Woven, Multi-Axial and Hybrids

Standard Fabric Options:

Prepreg Fabric Packaging / Shipping Guidelines:



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