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TCR High-Preformance Towpreg

TCR™ towpregs feature a patented thermoset epoxy resin system which is stable for up to one year ambient temperatures, during shipping and storage.  Our resins can be impregnated into virtually any continuous PAN fiber reinforcement and are designed for high throughput (up to 900 ft / 275 m per minute) for filament winding applications.  The TCR™ resins and fibers are tailored to meet the unique properties desired in a wide array of applications.

Our towpregs are the material of choice for pressure vessels, from high-performance rocket motor cases to high-quality commercial pressure vessels.  Our full line high-performance towpregs are used in a variety of markets including aerospace, defense, industrial, infrastructure, recreation and wind energy.

Typical Fiber Performance:

Towpreg Packaging / Shipping Guidelines:



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