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TCR High-Preformance Prepreg Uni-Directional Tape

Our prepreg uni-directional tapes (also called uni-tapes) feature thermoset epoxy resin systems with extended out-times at room temperature.  The resin type, resin content and fiber areal weights are all customizable.  Uni-directional tapes are available with poly backing or paper backing and can be built with nearly any fiber reinforcement.

Commercial-grade uni-tapes are ideal for fabricating composite products that require long lay-up times and thick laminate construction.  This product is well-suited for recreation and leisure, infrastructure, industrial and medical application.  We specialize in uni-tapes >300gsm.

Prepreg Uni-Directional Tape Characteristics:

Prepreg Uni-Directional Tape Packaging / Shipping Guidelines:



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