Born from the Space industry, TCR Composites prepreg materials continue to play a critical role in commercial and military rocket motor applications, with new material advancements and uses in other aerospace applications.


TCR prepreg materials continue their solid performance in all aspects of high and low pressure COPV applications, and a variety of structural applications for use in military armament; recreational goods; medical devices, with new automotive introductions.


TCR composite prepreg materials continue their long heritage for use in many aspects of the marine industry.

TCR Composites is a Worldwide Supplier
of Prepreg Composites Products

Products available in continuous tow/roving for filament winding, woven and stitched fabrics, braided sleeves, and unidirectional tapes. Resin content, resin flow during cure, and tack levels can be modified to suit process requirements. Distinguishing characteristics of TCR Prepregs include user-friendly processing and up to one-year shelf life at room temperatures (~24°C) without changes in material properties. Refrigerated shipping and storage are not required.

TCR Prepreg Technology has several advantages that set TCR Composites apart:

  • A unique family of thermoset epoxy prepreg resins
  • Room-temperature / Ambient storage
  • Shelf-life up to 12 months
  • 200°F—350°F (93°C—177°C) Epoxy Systems
  • Resin content control to within ± 2% on towpreg, ± 3% on broadgoods
  • Efficient processability and high fiber performance
  • Controllable resin flow during cure
  • User-friendly and easy to handle
  • Flexible cure cycles; can be cured with or without pressure, in oven, press, or autoclave
  • Environmentally friendly, solvent-free process, and low VoC's
  • REACH & K-REACH Registration – EU, Korea