Our History

TCR Composites was established by Thiokol Corporation (ATK) to develop prepregs with long out-life to solve the challenges with building large rocket motor cases.


Thiokol Corporation was fabricating a large number of diverse solid propellant rocket motors. To do this, they were utilizing standard prepreg materials available during that era. Due to the very short out-life of the material, the process of fabricating the large rocket motor cases became difficult and cost prohibitive.

Chemists and engineers began researching a new type of epoxy resin prepreg system that would reduce material costs and provide internal performance and fabrication enhancements. They succeeded and developed a unique prepreg material with room temperature storability up to 12-months. This was a huge breakthrough and a very significant development within the composites industry.


TCR Composites is established

Thiokol forms a new commercial division called TCR Composites for their Thiokol Corporation Resin (TCR), to meet the growing demand for its new room temperature storage, low-cost "prepreg" fiber resins. TCR Composites would be tasked with production, marketing, and selling of this new prepreg material worldwide.


TCR Composites Relocates

TCR's administrative offices and production capabilities are relocated from Thiokol's Promontory facility, to The Business Depot in Ogden, Utah.


Thiokol / TCR Composites acquired

Alliant Techsystems, Inc. (ATK) acquires Thiokol, including TCR Composites.


TCR Composites acquired

Shah Group, a privately held company, acquires TCR Composites and continues development of new resin systems that are being used in a wide variety of applications. Shah group operates TCR Composites, Fabric Development Inc. (FDI) and Textile Products, Inc. (TPI), representing more than 40 years of textile and composite business.


TCR Composites sister companies sold

Shah Group sells Fabric Development Inc. (FDI) and Textile Products Inc. (TPI) to Kordsa (Turkey).


Production in Korea

TCR establishes towpreg production capabilities in the Republic of Korea.

See The Difference

TCR Composites has over 60 team members working to deliver the best prepreg solutions to the industry.