Prepreg Braided Sleeves

TCR uses epoxy resins specifically designed for braided reinforcements made of carbon, fiberglass, aramid or any combination. All formulations are storable at room temperature. Refrigerated shipping and storage are not required.

Braid is a system where tows/rovings are intertwined. No two tows/rovings are twisted around each other. Braid is also defined as a family of fabrics continually woven on the bias. Tubular sleevings are the most common type of braid. Braid may be used for aerospace, medical, recreational and industrial applications.

During composite fabrication, tubular braids are opened up and applied to a molding tool or core. Then they are consolidated with stretch tape, vacuum bags, or matched two-piece

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Available Resin Systems

See individual Resin Data Sheets for complete cure cycle information

PDF Formula Resin Tg
Recommended Cure
Cycle Hold Time
Typical Applications
UF3360 166°C (331°F) 1 hr @ 177°C (350°F)
UF3325 124°C (255°F) 1 hr @ 154°C (310°F) Aerospace
Commerical Products

Prepreg Braided Sleeves Characteristics

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Name Description
Braid Type Carbon, Glass, Aramid, Hybrids
Style Biaxial, +/-45˚
Weights Light, Medium, Heavy (3K, 6K, 12K)
Resin Content Controlled to +/-3%, tailored to customer
Resin Type See Available Resin Systems chart on this page
Resin Tack Low (easily manipulated for layering and complex shapes)
Diameter / ID 0.25”-28” / 6.4mm-711mm