Prepreg Fabric

Storable at room temperature, TCR Prepreg fabrics are available in many styles, weights, and widths. Commonly used fabrics are often stocked onsite at TCR Composites while any other fabrics, including specialty items, are obtained from suppliers worldwide. With the long out-life of TCR resins, the prepreg fabrics can be stored, used and processed without a shortage of time.

Fabrics, also referred to as “broadgoods”, are used in a wide variety of markets including marine, industrial, infrastructure, aerospace, medical and recreation. The broadgood forms available as prepreg from TCR Composites include Stitched, Uni-Woven, Non-Woven, Multi-Axial and Hybrids.

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Available Resin Systems

See individual Resin Data Sheets for complete cure cycle information

PDF Formula Resin Tg
Recommended Cure
Cycle Hold Time
Typical Applications
UF3360 166°C (331°F) 1 hr @ 177°C (350°F)
UF3362 162°C (324°F) 1 hr @ 177°C (350°F)
UF3352 132°C (270°F) 1 hr @ 154°C (310°F) Aerospace
Commerical Products
UF3325 124°C (255°F) 1 hr @ 154°C (310°F) Aerospace
Commerical Products
UF3376 135°C (275°F) 4 hrs @ 121°C (250°F) Structural
Industrial Manufacturing
TR1112 103°C (217°F) 4 hrs @ 93°C (200°F)
TR1111 111°C (232°F) 4 hrs @ 121°C (250°F)
TR1110 147°C (297°F) 1 hr @ 177°C (350°F)
TR1116 138°C (280°F) 2 min @ 177°C Sporting Goods
Commerical Products
Various Fabric Descriptions

Contact TCR to discuss specific prepreg fabric needs

Fiber Type Weave / Style Fabric Areal Weight (FAW) Fabric Width
Carbon 2x2 Twill 5.8Oz/Yd / 197gsm 50” / 127cm
E-Glass 8-Harness Satin 8.95Oz/Yd / 303gsm 50” / 127cm
Aramid 2x2 Twill 5.0Oz/Yd / 170gsm 50” / 127cm
S-Glass Plain (1x1) 5.6Oz/Yd / 190gsm 30” / 76cm
Quartz 8-Harness Satin 8.5Oz/Yd / 288gsm 50” / 127cm
Carbon +/-45° Double Bias 6.97Oz/Yd / 236gsm 15” / 38cm
Carbon 2x2 Twill 19.8Oz/Yd / 670gsm 50” / 127cm
E-Glass Plain (1x1) 5.63Oz/Yd / 191gsm 30” / 76cm
Carbon 0°, +/-60° Triaxial 8.0Oz/Yd / 272gsm 43.3” / 110cm
Carbon Plain (1x1) 5.8Oz/Yd / 195gsm 50” / 127cm