Prepreg Uni-Directional Tape

TCR’s line of carbon unidirectional tapes features a patented thermoset epoxy resin system with extended out-times at room temperature. Customer may specify resin types, resin content and fiber areal weights (FAW) from 150 to 600 gsm. Uni-tapes are available with poly backing. Reinforcements may be selected from various carbon fiber suppliers.

Unidirectional tapes are fibers impregnated with a resin matrix; all fibers run in the same direction. They can be made in a variety of weights and thicknesses to meet customer requirements.

TCR commercial grade prepreg uni-tapes are ideal for fabricating composite products that require long lay-up times and thick laminate construction.

Uni-tapes are well-suited for recreation, infrastructure, industrial and medical applications.

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Available Resin Systems

See individual Resin Data Sheets for complete cure cycle information

PDF Formula Resin Tg
Recommended Cure
Cycle Hold Time
Typical Applications
UF3360 166°C (331°F) 1 hr @ 177°C (350°F)
UF3362 162°C (324°F) 1 hr @ 177°C (350°F)
UF3352 132°C (270°F) 1 hr @ 154°C (310°F) Aerospace
Commerical Products
UF3325 124°C (255°F) 1 hr @ 154°C (310°F) Aerospace
Commerical Products
TR1112 103°C (217°F) 4 hrs @ 93°C (200°F)
TR1111 111°C (232°F) 4 hrs @ 121°C (250°F)
Various Fabric Descriptions

Contact TCR to discuss specific prepreg uni-directional tape needs

Name Description
Width 1”-12” / 25-305mm
Fiber Type Carbon (standard and intermediate modulus), some pitch fibers
Resin Content Controlled to +/-3%, tailored to customer requirements
Resin Type See Available Resin Systems chart on this page
Fiber Areal Weight (FAW) 150-600gsm