Prepreg Tow

TCR Towpregs feature a patented thermoset resin system, storable at room temperature, that can be used with virtually any continuous fiber reinforcement. TCR Towpregs are designed for high throughput (up to 900 ft or 275 m per minute) for filament winding applications. Tow can be impregnated utilizing 6K to 60K standard modulus to high modulus carbon fibers as well as glass, basalt and aramid with equivalent cross sections.

TCR resins are matched with industry fibers to provide optimal performance. Each fiber has unique properties and may require a specific resin to achieve maximum performance.

From high-performance rocket-motor cases to the highest quality commercial pressure cylinders, TCR Towpregs are the material of choice for pressure vessels and are used in a variety of markets including aerospace, defense, industrial, infrastructure, recreation and marine.

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Available Resin Systems

See individual Resin Data Sheets for complete cure cycle information

PDF Formula Resin Tg
Recommended Cure
Cycle Hold Time
Typical Applications
UF3357 180°C (356°F) 2 hrs @ 177°C (350°F) Commerical Products
UF3360 166°C (331°F) 1 hr @ 177°C (350°F)
UF3369 117°C (243°F) 4 hrs @ 121°C (250°F) High Pressure Cylinders
Commerical Products
UF3323 116°C (240°F) 24 hrs @ 138°C (280°F) Aerospace
UF3325 124°C (255°F) 1 hr @ 154°C (310°F) Aerospace
Commerical Products
UF3330 120°C (248°F) 1 hr @ 154°C (310°F)
UF3376 135°C (275°F) 4 hrs @ 121°C (250°F) Structural
Industrial Manufacturing
TR1112 103°C (217°F) 4 hrs @ 93°C (200°F)
TR1111 111°C (232°F) 4 hrs @ 121°C (250°F)
TR1110 147°C (297°F) 1 hr @ 177°C (350°F)
Typical Fiber Performance in a Pressure Vessel
Manufacturer Fiber Filament Count Mfg. Certified Fiber Strength (ksi) TCR Delivered Fiber Strength (ksi) Translation (%)
DowAksa A49 12K 717 571 80
Hexcel PV42-850 12K 821 787 96
Hyosung H2250 12K 791 711 90
Mitsubishi 34-700 12K 646 534 85
Mitsubishi TRH50 18K 735 654 89
SGL C50-T024-EPY 24K 712 579 86
Toho UTS50-F24 24K 747 628 84
Toray T700SC-50C 12K 720 685 95
Toray T800SC-10E 24K 866 855 99